Italian recipes: rice & figs pudding | Senza categoria

Italian recipes: rice & figs pudding

Autumn has come! Although here in Italy is mostly mild and nice, we need something sweet to cheer up during those typical gloomy days. Let’s prepare a lovely dessert with figs!


  • 200gr of rice
  • 1lt of milk
  • 10 fresh figs
  • 4 eggs
  • 160gr of sugar
  • 3 tablespoons of rhum
  • a little butter
  • 1 pinch of salt


Boil the rice in the milk with a pince of salt until it will absorbe all the liquid. Remove from heat and let it cool down.

Peel the figs, dice them and put them in the rice. Add sugar, rhum and eggs. Mix well.

Pour the mixture in a greased mold, or in four individual small molds, and cook in water bath in the oven for about one hour.

Let the pudding cool down, remove from the mould and serve it decorating it with some figs or bitter chocolate sauce.

Autumn will be sweet this way!

Source: Buttalapasta

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Italian recipes: rice & figs pudding | Senza categoria

Italian literature: Calvino’s “Il Barone rampante” (The Baron in the trees)

“Il Barone rampante” (The Baron in the trees) is a novel written by Italo Calvino in 1957. It’s a very funny and amusing story, where the adventures of an Italian rebel nobleman living up on the trees are told. Page after page, you will discover the strong personality of Cosimo Piovasco di Rondò, the baron, told by his younger brother Biagio.

This masterpiece of the Italian literature can be analysed under many aspect: as a romance story, environmentally, narratologically, sociologically, and in questioning the role of the individual and the community.

The novel received the Viareggio Prize in 1957. However, Calvino “refused the prize on the grounds that its acceptance simply helped shore up an outmoded institution, the literary prize!”.

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