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Italian literature: Federigo Tozzi

Although his name is not very famous, Federigo Tozzi has been considered one of the most important writers of the 20th century by his contemporaries.  Born in Siena, he developed his love for reading since his youth. Reading his novels is not easy, since his style is complex and somehow tiring for the reader.

What comes out from his line is mostly the great sadness he had inside towards the whole world, and the uncapability to live.

Within his works, Con gli occhi chiusi (with closed eyes) is the most representative.

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Italian literature: Federigo Tozzi | Senza categoria

Italian artists: Bronzino

Agnolo di Cosimo Tori, known as Bronzino, has been one of the greatest Mannerist painters of the sixteenth century who worked during the governess of Cosimo I de’ Medici. His paintings can be found in numerous museums and churches of Florence.

Among his numerous art pieces,  his elegant portraits of the main important personalities of his epoque are probably the most famous; with his style, he influenced the European court portraiture for a whole century.  He also painted two idealized portraits of Dante and Petrarca.

Bronzino decorated the Chapel of Eleanora di Toledo in the Palazzo Vecchio, with some religious themes. These frescoes are a perfect example of the mid-16th-century aesthetics of the Florentine court, traditionally interpreted as highly-stylized and non-personal or emotive.


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