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Italian slang: “Avere le batterie scariche”

Friday morning, and outside is raining.

You had to make a real effort to come out of the bed, get dressed and start heading to work. Even coffee seems not to be helpful. You definitely need some rest! Why? Because you have “le batterie scariche“: your battery has run out! That’s what Italians say when they feel tired, exhausted, either mentally or physically.

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Who doesn’t feel like this on a Friday morning? Luckily, the weekend is very close and you will have plenty of time to relax and have fun! Florence is wonderful in all seasons, and in Autumn it becomes very romantic. So just go out, have a walk and you will feel recharged for the new coming week 🙂

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Italian slang: "Avere le batterie scariche" | Senza categoria

Picasso in Florence

We all know how magic Florence is. With its wonderful buildings, fascinating streets and lights, it always gets a special spot in the heart of its visitors. In the past numerous historic figures fell in love with the city, within which we can also find Pablo Picasso, who visited the city in 1917 and 1949. Florence inspired him (no wonder!) and he was especially impressed by the colours of the Mercato di San Lorenzo. There are some lovely photos picturing him in the most touristic places of Florence, just like a normal visitor 🙂

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Picasso walking through the streets of our city

Palazzo Strozzi hosts, until January 25th 2015, an exhibition about Picasso and Spanish modernity that you shouldn’t miss. There you will find a selection of masterpieces by the artist – from paintings to sculptures and engravings and fascinating pieces such as his preparatory sketches for Guernica. The display also includes works by Mirò and Dalì, in the attempt of showing the connection between their art and the reality of their time.

Picasso; exhibition in Florence, events in Florence,  PIcasso paintings Florence; Picasso at Palazzo Strozzi;

After the visit, you will be asked to write down your thoughts about it, and the most interesting will become part of the exhibition itself! So keep your mind, eyes and heart open and you will get the bestfrom it.

Exhibition opening hours: 10:00am – 8:00pm (on Thursdays until 11:00pm)

Ticket price: Euro 10,00

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