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Florentine culture: Carnival in Florence

jeudi, février 11th, 2010

Ready to have fun? This February put your masks on! The dates are established: on the 19th, the 22nd and the 29th everyone can be who he desires…it’s Carnival time :)

The first day of Carnival, known all around Italy as « fat thursday » is called in Florence « berlingaccio », from an old word describing a day spent around the table eating, drinking and being happy. This rite finds his roots in the Medicean era, and Cosimo I also wrote some poems about those merry days. Usually in Carnival time, the Florentines eat the « berlingozzo », a simple ring-shaped cake usually home-baked, made from eggs, sugar, lemon, flour and baking powder.

Talking about Carnival in Florence, we can’t forget « Stenterello », a typical mask character created in the eighteenth century by Luigi del Buono.

On Sunday 22nd, the « Florence Carnival in the world » will take place: a mask parade which crosses the city from Piazza Ognissanti to Piazza della Signoria, with the participation of 36 foreign countries from all over the world…and then the delicious « Cenci » and confetti colouring the whole town! A wonderful way to get ready for Spring.