width=From the 14th ot the 18th century, the Medici represented one of the more influential families in Florence. Among its members, we can find three popes (Leo X, Clement VII, Leo XI), numerous rulers of Florence (Lorenzo the Magnificent is the most known of them), and many famous women too, like Caterina de Medici (queen of France).

Their health and influence started from the textile trade, guided by the guild of the Arte della Lana. Then, the Medici were able to bring the whole city of Florence under their power, allowing art and humanism to flourish. They have been fundamental for the birth of  the Renaissance art, along with the other italian signore families, like the Sforza from Milan and the Este from Ferrara.

Their bank was one of the most prosperous and respected; some estimates says that the Medici family was the wealthiest in Europe for a period of time. In fact, their power expanded in the whole continent.

We can find traces of their influence in every corner of Florence, in the art and in the architecture. With the Institute Galileli’s History of Florence course every secret and every anecdote of some of the most important members of the family will be revealed.