With his portraits – defined sometimes as “aristocratic” because of their elegance and refinement – Modigliani is considered one of the most important artists of the XX century. But like for many other artists of his same period, his life was nothing but simple.


Amedeo Modigliani (or Modì, as we also known him) was born in Livorno. His childhood and first youth were characterized by a difficult financiary situation, family problems and bad health. He studied first in Florence and Venice, where he came in contact with drugs and started a dissoluted life, which continued in Paris. Drugs ans alcohol followed him until his death.


His work are easily recognizable for their elongated forms and mask-like faces.  He was known to be fast in painting (he could complete a portrait in one or two sits); those who were portraited by him used to say that Modigliani “undressed their souls”. His style was influenced by many artists like Cézanne and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrèc but doesn’t belong to any artistic current. His portraits give a strong sensation to the whatcher, who often feels hipnotized by their empty eyes and long lines.

Modigliani’s work can be found in many important galleries of modern painting.

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