italian slang, italian language, italian language courses, italian learning in florenceThose who like shopping, and who end up at the end of a day without being able to remember how or where they spent all their money, have definitelly “le mani bucate”, which in English is translated as “they have holes in their hands”!

It is of course a slang, a colloquial expression used to define a person who spends a lot and easily, without being aware of it. Since this period in Florence we have sales, watch out for the holes in your hands! You could loose all your  money on clothes and accessories 🙂

The Italian language is full of colloquial expression, which can be well understood only by those who really know the language in all her forms – with the Italian language courses at Institute Galilei, you will have a personalized program created according to your interests and needs. Colloquial expressions and conversation can, on request, be studied and emphasized.