This famous wine is known from everyone for taking all over the world a taste of genuine Tuscany; coming here, you can’t miss for sure a direct meeting with him.


The word Brunello, which literally means “nice dark one”, is a sort of nickname for the clone of the Sangiovese (Sangiovese grosso), which grows in the Montalcino area (southern Tuscany). It’s one of the most long-lived Italian wines and in 1980 gained the first Denominazione di Origine  Controllata e Garantita (DOCG) an important award towards the Italian products. Its birth is recognised around 1800 – 1850, when Clemente Santi and his nephew started to grow a vine with particular features, similar to the Sangiovese. However, for many years it was popular only around the Montalcino area; it became famous after 1950, and today is one of the most celeber and expensive Italian wines.

But why is this wine so good? When drinking it, you can feel its special, intense perfume and strong taste. Its ruby colour can be easily recognised. Actually, making such a wine requires an elaborate process where grapes is followed day by day by experienced eyes and hands, from its birth straight to the maturation. The Brunello has then to stay for at least two years in durmats containers and for 4 months in its bottle; normally it is in fact drinked 5 years after the vintage. If you have a bottle of Brunello, try it with red meat, game, mushrooms and truffle. A very interesting match could be with cheese, especially when Tuscan Pecorino.

At the Institute Galilei we offer wine tasting tours that will bring you directly where the wine is created. Don’t miss this experience!