Today we would like to share with you a few knowledges on one of Florence’s heart activites… football matches! And in Florence there’s only one name associated with it…Fiorentina!

ACF Fiorentina, more commonly known simply as Fiorentina, is the Italian football club based in the city of Florence.

The football club was founded on August 29th, 1926 by the Marquis Luigi Ridolfi Vay da Verrazzano and, even if today it is associated with the purple colour, back at its origins the team wore white and red clothes which are the historical colours of Florentine mayorship.

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Being the city’s football team, the Fiorentina uses the Florentine lily as symbol on its uniforms: a red lily on white field in a diamond-shaped hemblem put on the left side of the shirt, where the heart is 😉

Fiorentina also have an anthem titled “Canzone Viola” but which is better known as “O’ Fiorentina” since its origins in the 30’s.

The first fans of the Tuscan team printed a flyer with the lyrics of this song, and distributed it to the fans at the stadium during a match and, doing so, it soon became the official anthem of Fiorentina, that you can hear by clicking here below –

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