Florentine people are well known to be funny and entertaining, always very proud of their wonderful city (easy to understand why!) and full of stories an anecdotes. If you are interested in discovering more about Florentine people and typical places (including historic local shops) take a look at this interesting Youtube channel called Firenze a Ufo, where a group of guys will take you around introducing some famous Florentine people, places and facts.

The program is entirely in Italian but can be a very good exercise for intermediate learners as no difficult words are spoken and the accent is mild, very well understandable. This program is interesting even for Italians, since the facts and stories told are usually not known by everyone and are very interesting to discover!

Episode n. 10 covers the story of one of the most well known “panineria” of the town: All’Antico Vinaio, located in Via de’ Neri. Tourists and locals queue sometimes for over a half hour to get one of their famous schiacciata ripiena (stuffed focaccias). Just watching this interview I feel hungry already! It’s a real must visit when you come to Florence.

Enjoy this program and if you want to discover more about this amazing city, take a look at our Guided Tours of Florence, as well as to our Art History Courses and the Italian Language Courses by Istituto Galilei in Florence!