width=More than just a singer, for those who don’t know him,  I’Marasco is a real institution for Florence and Tuscany.

Born in Florence in 1938, Riccardo Marasco approaches to music from a young age, but it’s during the 60s that the real beginning of his long and prolific career is marked.

Versatile and kaleidoscopic man, Riccardo Marasco instills in his songs and ditties pieces of his Florentine spirit, managing to melt in his shows a theatricality and a stand-up comedian insouciance with a not common depth and a thickness.

Ironic and irreverent singer, this modern minstrel was able to touch many genres from the ancient Tuscan folk songs of the fifteenth century to those patriotic of the Risorgimento, spacing through religious hymns and stories of Florentine folklore.
Blatantly ironic at times , but also exciting and deep, Marasco is a master at telling with emotion and feeling the thousand and one stories of His Florence , being able to carry you through the alleys of San Frediano to discover its shopkeepers “who are not there any more”, telling some chapters of Florentine history as the flood of ’66 , as only a true poet in love with life and with his city can do.

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