5 tips to learn Italian:

1) Don’t skip steps

Start by learning the alphabet and then easy words or sentences you could use during an everyday conversation. Gradually the vocabulary will come together with practice so don’t worry if the 2nd day you won’t speak already like a native Italian and be patient !

2) Getting used to the ear

Listen to cartoons to learn an easy vocabulary or films/series in the language you want to learn and try to repeat the sentences. Songs can also be a good approach to get used to recognize the language.

3) Create vocabulary cards

Write down all new words to make them easier to remember. These cards can also help you find words you tend to forget and revise them.

4) Talking with native speakers

What could be a better exercise than speaking with native Italian speakers… This allows you to practice your pronunciation and to put into practice everything you have learned

5) Learning in a language school

Language school is THE place that combines all the tips seen above and if you want to learn Italian quickly it is essential to study in a language institute, where experienced Italian mother tongue teachers that can help you progress at breakneck speed ! The school can allow you to learn the language at your own pace and allows you to practice the language directly during the lesson.

If you want to learn Italian for your studies, work or just for fun, take a look at these courses.