This marvellous church in central Florence is considered one of the most important pieces of the Florentine artistic evolution, as it was completed by various artists in a long time.  Built upon a first little church called Santa Maria dello Spasmo (of which we can still see the crypt), Santa Trinita (Holy Trinity) was started in a gothic style and was the first Gothic church in Florence (followed by Santa Maria Novella).


The church was gradually enlarged and enriched and finally in 1300 became an Abbey. In 1500 Buontalenti was asked to modify the presbitery and to rebuild the convent. He’s the author of the Mannerist façade and he created the monumental altar (that was removed in 1800). Then, the cloister was commissioned to Alfonso Parigi il vecchio and some parts of it were added in the following centuries.

Santa Trinita is the mother church of the Vallumbrusan Order of monks founded in 1092 by a Florentine nobleman.

The church counts numerous chapels where you will find many masterpieces; are you interested to know everything about them? Go there with one of our experienced art history teachers! The church can be infact included in our art history programs.