The small town of Fiesole is located on a hill at the back of Florence and to reach it you have to travel the most fascinating panoramic routes of the Tuscan capital.


The first human settlements date back to the time of the Etruscans, the mysterious people who arrived in Italy from present-day Turkey. But it was under the domination of Rome that Fiesole became the main inhabited center of the area, at least until the ascent of neighboring Florence. Traces of this period are still visible: first of all, the splendid Roman theater built by following the elevation of the ground.

Since the Renaissance, many noble families chose this pass to build their country residence. Today it is possible to count more than 30 villas in Fiesole, buildings of great value surrounded by green gardens and very neat.

It is the destination of many tourists and, during the weekends of spring and summer, even Florentines who `climb ‘up there to take a homemade ice cream and enjoy the panorama.

But Fiesole is not the only hill that stands around Florence. The opposite side of the city is shaded, in fact, by Arcetri (entered in history for having been the place in which Galileo Galilei was exiled), Poggio Imperiale, where one of the villas of Florence came into possession of the Medici, and finally Bellosguardo, the name of which already indicates the main characteristic (“Beautiful view”).


And if you still doubt the charm of a villa on the hills of Florence… remember Enrico Caruso who, at the beginning of the Twentieth century, bought two.




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