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Did you know there are over 1,500 lakes in Italy? You will likely have heard of Lake Como and Lake Garda, but Tuscany also has some exquisite lakes you can visit and enjoy.


Lake Bilancino

lakes in Tuscany

It is the largest artificial lake in Tuscany, a short drive from Florence. It is a relaxing idyllic spot with the possibility of

renting paddle boats to explore the lake further. Due to its very clean water, its also full of a variety of wildlife, fish, and birds. Nearby in the town of Barberino di Mugello, offering several outdoor activities, canoeing and swimming in the summer.

Lake Burano

lakes in Tuscany

This is a costal salt pond, separated by the Mediterranean and a long stretch of sand dunes. It is breathtakingly beautiful, and you can take a guided tour of the flat area to see all the rare plants and animals in the area. Crystal clear waters, full of blooming flowers in spring; theres a reason it has been nicknamed ‘natural Disneyland’



Lake Massaciuccolilakes in Tuscany

Only 20km from Lucca and Pisa, it boasts extraordinary views lined with ripening lime tees, and the lake itself is surrounded by reeds and deep grassland (with raised walkways to lead you over it). It is clear and shallow (2 metres a its deepest point) and its mineral rich waters give the lake an array of gorgeous wildlife. You can visit and eat out in the charming town of Torre del Lago, home to the famous composer Puccini!


Lake Chiusilakes in Tuscany

Along the border shared with Umbria, it is unspoilt and protected, surrounded by dramatic hillsides. You can rent large wooden jetties for a picnic on the lake, and there are also various lakeside restaurants offering Tuscan delicacies and barbecued fish. Located in Valdichiana, it has been nicknamed ‘Light of the moon’ because of the mirror like reflection of the moonlit night sky on the water’s cool surface. This is a perfect spot to get away from the crowds and to enjoy nature in a quiet and undisturbed environment.

If you wish to visit these beautiful lakes in Tuscany and/or some other breathtaking Tuscan and Italian landscapes, check here!

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