Art can be made out of  anything; is something that we all learnt from the 20th century artists and painters, who could give life and make art with the strangest materials and objects.


Alberto Burri was an Italian painter, though he didn’t use a brush to create his masterpieces. His art is strongly connected with materialism, and is made out of fire.

He started to paint while internated in a criminal camp during the second world war, using everything he could find in a place like that. He turned into astraction using unorthodox materials, making collages with pumice, tar, and burlap, and started a series of canvases that bulged into the 3rd dimension. The bright colours of his works, all dominated by “scarves” of fire, give a very drammatic feeling to the whatcher.

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He also gave an astonishing example of land art, covering the area of a destroyed town (Gibellina, destroyed by the earthquake) with white concrete, calling it Il Grande Cretto.

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