As you have maybe already understood from the other recipes we have posted, the Italian cuisine is especially based on “poor” dishes, which are all savoury and genuine.


One of the most typical, that you have heard for sure, is the “trippa alla fiorentina“:  walking around Florence you will meet for sure the “trippai“, which prepare everyday fresh tripe and sell delicious sandwiches filled with trippa or lampredotto. Do not miss them!
But let’s try to cook it. The ingredients are easy to find and the only thing you need is a little patience.


1 kg, or 2 1/4 lb tripe
2 red-skinned onions
2 carrots
head of celery
500 g, or 1 lb 2 oz tinned (canned) tomatoes
Parmesan cheese
olive oil


Wash the tripe and cut into finger-length strips. Make a mirepoix with 6 tablespoons of oil in a short pot. Add the tripe and, stirring frequently with a wooden spoon, blend the flavours well.
When, after 20 minutes cooking, some of the liquor has seeped out of the tripe, add the drained tomatoes, salt and pepper and cook for another hour over moderate heat, stirring frequently.

Serve the tripe hot, with the addition of  Parmesan cheese.

Why not trying to cook it with an experienced chef who will tell you all the secrets of this traditional dish? Take a look to the Institute Galilei’s cooking course “Da Lino”.

Source: Rameria