Here are 5 Italian customs you need to know before coming to Italy:


1- Do not order a cappuccino after 11am Italian customs
It is considered one of the most famous drinks in Italy and is usually consumed at breakfast. In fact it takes away all the flavours of traditional dishes, something inconceivable for Italians! But it is above all a custom handed down from generation to generation. After your lunch or dinner you can however order a macchiato to replace the cappuccino (and if you eat at home you can treat yourself!).


2- Avoid adding extras on your pizza Italian customs
Forget about pineapple, meat or fish on your pizza… especially if you are in Naples! These requests could be perceived as an offence to the pizzaiolo who could take it badly. So these extravagances should be avoided in Italy. Besides, before eating the pizza by hand, consider the thickness of the pizza as if it is too thin you may drop some of the ingredients and not enjoyed the pizza you ordered.


3- Look for the best fruit/vegetable in the basket Italian customs
In Italy, most produce is fresh and ripe, so it is customary to buy whatever the shopkeeper chooses in your basket. If you touch, squeeze, feel the fruit/vegetable you will only spoil it. And if you are able to choose your product, make sure you put on a plastic glove provided beforehand!


4- Respect spaghetti Italian customs
You should NEVER cut or break your spaghetti, either to put it in the pan or to eat it more easily. If the pasta is too long, you can roll it up with a fork (no spoon nor knife). Spaghetti must be respected in this country!


5- Tap water is not available in restaurants/ bars Italian customs
Italians prefer to drink bottled water, so whether you take still or sparkling water, you will have to pay for it at the end of your meal.


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