Why learning Italian ?


1) It is a warm and lively language

Italian is a language that gives you joy of living! It is a singing language Why learning Italian ? (which will make you smile whether you speak it or listen to it) based on the rolling of “r”, “tch” and “ch”. With its words always ending in a vowel and its characteristic musicality, learning Italian is like learning a song. If the language is warm, Italians are warm too! Learning this beautiful language will allow you to talk more easily with Italians when you travel in Italy.


2) It is an easy language to learn

Why learning Italian ? 7 reasons to do it! If you speak a Latin language such as Spanish, Portuguese or French, Italian will be just a formality! Indeed the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation are relatively similar between these languages. So there is no reason to say that Italian is too hard to learn!



3) It’s a language that is widely spoken

You may not know it but Italian is the 4th most studied language in the world (after English, Spanish and French)! Why learning Italian ? 7 reasons to do it! In the European Union, 14% of the population speaks Italian, not counting all the people who learn Italian as a second language. Italian is also spoken in many other countries such as Canada, Argentina and it is the 4th most taught language in the USA. So if you thought that learning Italian was useless, you’re wrong! It’s always a plus on your resume and your personal culture!


4) To have access to Italian gastronomy

Why learning Italian ? 7 reasons to do it!

Unless you live in a cave cut off from the world you must have already eaten pasta bolognese/ pesto/ carbonara, pizza, mozzarella … How can you live without these dishes that are now part of our daily lives? Imagine the pleasure of tasting these dishes directly in the country where they were born… A few notions of the language and hop you go on a road trip through the country to tantalise your taste buds!


5) To increase your general knowledge

Italy is a country full of historical monuments such as the Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore… Not to mention the many works of art Why learning Italian ? 7 reasons to do it!by famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Brunelleschi, Michelangelo… Coming to learn Italian directly in Italy will allow you to kill two birds with one stone (admire the beauty of these works of art and understand their history as told by the Italians).



6) Make friends in Italy

Why learning Italian ? 7 reasons to do it! As we have seen in the first point, Italians are warm people and could easily become your friends. Learning the language will allow you to meet new people and make it easier to communicate with them and keep in touch when you leave the country.



7) Become a polyglot

Why learning Italian ? 7 reasons to do it! With globalisation, knowing how to speak several languages is a huge advantage in terms of communication and business relations. Italian is a language that is widely spoken in the trade and tourism sector and if you want to work in the fashion, luxury or food industries, Italy can be a great ally too. Indeed, when we think of Italy we immediately imagine the beautiful shops of Milan, the colourful and stylish clothes of the Italians, the pasta, the pizzas… Speaking Italian will allow you to negotiate better and will create a close relationship with your potential Italian partner.



If you want to learn Italian, the most profitable choice are personalized Italian language lessons, which may include learning a specific vocabulary according to your needs. Vocabulary lessons are taught by an industry expert who will tailor the course program to your interests.
Do you need more reasons to understand why learning Italian? If you want to discover the Italian language or start learning it click here!