Hand Positions

Some gestures to know in Italy:

gestures in ItalyFor sure, we couldn’t miss this typical Italian gesture! But do you really know what it means?

Put your fingers together and make a regular up and down movement. Combined with a shrug of the shoulders and a very expressive face (depending on what the speaker wants to convey as emotion), Italians use it to show their incomprehension or disagree or to support the questions.

Meaning: “What are you talking about?”, “What are you doing”, “What do you want?”, “What’s going on?”


If all over the world this gesture allows metal-heads to greet each other you should know that in Italy it has a triple meaning. gestures in Italy

Raise your index and little finger upwards to make those famous horns.


  1. Don’t be too happy if your friends make this sign over your head because it means that your girlfriend/boyfriend is cheating on you! Yeah, that’s a bit less rock and roll news…
  2. Protecting us against the evil eye
  3. Sign of metal and rock musicians and fans


gestures in Italy No, it’s not a slap in the face, but it’s close… It’s usually used to tease or make fun of the other person. The facial expression can be important at this moment.

Raise your arm towards the sky with an air of weariness or amusement.

Meaning: “Stop talking nonsense”, “This is nonsense”.


gestures in ItalyWe are not creating a dimple because it is cute… it is not true… No, in fact this gesture is often used after meals when we have eaten well.

Push your index finger into your cheek and rotate it forward and backward and so on.

Meaning: “That’s/was good”, “Delicious!


gestures in Italy No, this is not a new Italian dance move! In reality, this gesture ends something, some action or other.

Point your index and little fingers outwards (as shown in the picture) and then move from left to right with both hands, making sure that the hands come together during the movement.

Meaning: “Basta, it’s over!

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