Bardini Garden (Giardino Bardini)

Florence has impressive art collections, monumental architecture, and rich history. Apart from these, the city also has natural beauties such as Bardini Garden (Giardino Bardini). The calm atmosphere surrounds the garden by reflecting architectural beauty. In an hour you can walk around the entire garden calmly and peacefully. It is time for a short stroll that will soothe your soul. The sound of birds and butterflies accompanies you in the garden. Then, blooms decorate the gardens and the wisteria tunnel at first glance.

Bardini Garden

Giardino Bardini was a fruit orchard and the land belonged to the Mozzi family. They looked after the garden by adding statues and flowers. After the last Mozzi passed away, everything was bought by Carolath Benten, and the garden took on various “Victorian” aspects. Unfortunately, the medieval aspects have been lost, but some traces still remain. It is fascinating to see a mix of styles that create an enchanting garden.

Bardini GardenThe garden includes brightly colored azaleas, viburnums, camellias, roses, irises, and 60 varieties of hydrangea. Furthermore, the staircase built in the seventeenth century was enriched with statues and fountains at the end of the eighteenth century by Giulio Mozzi. A spectacular view of the city can be seen from the panoramic terrace. At the top of the garden and to the right, you will find the Fontana del Drago, part of the Anglo-Chinese garden with a canal running along one side.

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Bardini Garden

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